Current plans call for buses to stop using the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel as early as Fall 2018 to allow for expansion of the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) and for expansion of Link light rail service to Northgate (2021) and Lynnwood and the Eastside (2023).

Restructuring bus service could connect transit users to frequent, reliable Link light rail while reducing the number of buses operating on Center City streets during rush hour. In addition, bus activity may be shifted to transportation hubs outside of the Commercial Core that can handle higher volumes of waiting passengers and make the best use of light rail capacity.

Prior to implementation of any service change, King County Metro, Sound Transit, and other affected transit agencies will conduct a robust outreach effort to seek public input on potential changes. Any changes to transit service would also require approval by the King County Council and the Sound Transit Board of Directors. The earliest that any service changes would be implemented is fall 2018. Any comments that you provide that pertain to bus service will be shared with King County Metro and Sound Transit for inclusion in their coordinated outreach processes.

Click on the "Potential Service Changes" image to see potential options for restructuring bus service. Reference materials are included, as well.