Center City Today

Center City is home to people, jobs, social and cultural institutions and iconic public spaces. Center City is also a critical transportation and economic hub for Seattle and the region.

Graphic showing the following statistics: 70,000+ residents and 250,000 jobs, nearly 230,000 people commute per day in and out of Center City, 60+ residential and commercial projects under construction

Center City Tomorrow

Seattle is growing and much of that growth will occur in Center City. In the next 20 years, we can expect an additional 25,000 households and 55,000 more jobs. In addition, transit ridership is growing, new light rail service is on the way, providing regional connections to Northgate (2021), Lynnwood and the Eastside (2023) and cranes dot the skyline.

Graphic showing the following center city growth statistics: 25,000 more households in 2035 than in 2015, 55,000 more jobs in 2035 than in 2015

The One Center City Plan

We all want to spend more time doing the things that make us happy and less time getting there. With big changes on the way and limited street space available, we need to plan ahead to make sure Center City works for everyone.

That’s why the City of Seattle, Sound Transit, King County Metro, and the Downtown Seattle Association are working together to create a 20-year vision and action plan to improve mobility and enhance our public spaces.

To tackle congestion in the near-term, the plan will also recommend projects, policies, and programs that can be implemented within the next few years. These potential near-term strategies are described in greater detail on the following pages.

Visit the project webpage to learn more about how the partner agencies are working together to build the One Center City plan.

One Center City Plan Process graphic

The One Center City Advisory Group​

Throughout the process, we are working with an Advisory Group made up of nearly 40 community members, selected based on their interests, backgrounds, and perspectives.

The Advisory Group meets monthly to review, discuss, and provide feedback on the development of the One Center City Plan. In addition, Advisory Group members have developed guiding principles that will help to guide development of near-term mobility strategies and the 20-Year Vision. To view the draft Guiding Principles, click here.​

Learn more about the Advisory Group.​