Union, Pike, and Pine streets provide critical multimodal connections between Capitol Hill, Downtown, and the Seattle Waterfront. The next several years will bring additional bus traffic and construction-related effects to these streets. To improve mobility on these streets by 2019, we're evaluating the following options:

Options B and C are packages of surface street projects that represent different approaches to addressing near-term access and mobility challenges. Note that the two options are nearly identical west of 8th Avenue.

Click through the graphics for additional detail on each east-west surface street option. Reference materials are included, as well. They provide more information on key tradeoffs and some advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.

As you review these options, think about:

  • How could these changes affect how you move through Center City?
  • What questions or concerns come to mind?
  • What would you need to make these changes work for you?

You can record any comments or questions you have in the space at the bottom of the page.